Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I got my eye on you...

Over the past week I’ve been playing with the placement of my 3rd Eye. Starting in the “standard” location between my two physical eyes. Deepening my practice, I open to the light of the divine shining down from my crown onto the lens of my 3rd eye, which acts as a prism, refracting colors of the rainbow throughout my head and consciousness. 
Then I started playing with my 3rd Eye in different locations in my head, at different angles and on different planes. As divine light hit my 3rd eye at these different locations, the colors of the rainbow refracted throughout my head at different angles,  piercing into and through many blockages and dark crevices. 
One of the more powerful locations I've played with is placing my 3rd Eye at the back of my throat. In this position, I was able to “see” out of my mouth, a powerful way to get activated for my upcoming transition into the Throat Chakra. This placement also deepened my witnessing of words coming out of my mouth, expanding understanding around the power and medicine of sound.
As I played with my 3rd Eye, I continued to work the Brow Chakra theme of archetypes. As many of you know, I’m an avid nature photographer, with one my passions being insects. This week, these two forces came together, supporting me in honoring the totem medicine of insects in my life. 
It is with this inspiration that I embarked on my weekly trance dance at Rhythm Sanctuary. I began my dance with my eyes closed, embodying the structure of the compound eye found in many insects. In this state, I had thousands of 3rd eyes all over my head, refracting light in exponential angles of consciousness.  And since I am getting ready to transition into the Throat Chakra, I kept the portal between the base of my head and throat open so as not to clamp down on the power of my expiernace. 
I stayed in this space for a while, and when I felt able to keep this level of consciousness engaged, I slowly opened my physical eyes. Around me were so many beautiful people, dancing in their bliss, and what was so amazing, is that with my insect eyes, I saw thousands of them! My perception of reality shifted. As I entered into dance partnership with other beings, I looked at them and saw their luminescence in thousand fold; deepening my love and connection with the very essence of their soul. 
I am so grateful to insects for the deep teachings that have entered my life over the years as a result of connecting to and merging with them. I look forward to continuing my embodiment of this medicine and expanding my perception of reality through the process. 
Imagination is a core aspect of working with the Brow Chakra

  • How can you play with your imagination to expand your perception of reality? 
  • How can you integrate various passions in your life to create wider possibilities of divine being? 

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