Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Embodying Archetypal Energy

One of my SoulCollage creations 
to honor the Dancer of me.

As many of you know, I'm the ChakraChick. I'm almost always on some type of personal chakra journey

During my Winter Chakra Journey, as I moved from Crown Chakra consciousness into Brow Chakra, I activated the theme of recognizing, honoring and working with Archetypal energies (patterns found in the collective expression of humanity as we live & die this human & divine life). 
On the way to my weekly ecstatic dance at Rhythm Sanctuary, I called on the archetype of Dancer to be present with me. Dancer is an archtypal force present and prevalent during every stage of my life (in numerous forms and for many reasons). 
  • Light Medicine of the Dancer brings embodied spirit and life force energy into the world through embodied movement & expression. 
  • Shadow Realms of the Dancer shows up as performing simply for show, at the expense of true embodiment and authenticity.  
When I arrived at dance temple, I pulled a Tarot card from one of the altars: "Conscious Entity"  Perfect image to work with; Peacock feathers and numerous eyes peering out from behind the central character. The essence of this card infused my dance, leading me on an amazing journey that deepened my understanding of Archetypes. 
Through my connection with others, I came to understand that each archetype has a heart center that plays into their relational patterning. Each person I was dancing with, and the archetype(s) they were engaging, all had a heart space (in various stages of vibration and frequency, but a heart space none-the-less.) 

As I engaged with others and the archetypal energies they were expressing, I found myself dancing the questions: "How does this archetype love?" "How does this archetype relate?" These questions opened a powerful portal between my awakening Brow and my own Heart Center. Not only was I asking these questions about other, I was also asking them of myself. 

From this space of awareness I was able to go deeper in my interactions, however, there were times I felt pulled off center and not grounded in my own attunement of truth. This agitation activated my solar plexus, which opened the understanding that in addition to heart energetics, each archetypal presence has its own power force, its own strength to engage & disengage, its own ego propulsion of self in the world. 

These realizations showed me that my understanding of archetypes, although expansive, had mainly been at the intellectual level. By moving archetypal energies into the space of heart & personal power (and not just thinking about them in the cognitive realm of the upper chakras), I was able to EMBODY the essence of these magical forces, both within myself and in relational space with others.

We all have a council of core archetypal forces that guide and inform us in life. These forces sometimes work well with one another, and some times, not so much. What archetypes are prevalent in your life? Here is a web site link with some characters for your explore 

How can you better honor and express the archetypal forces at play in your life?
    • How do these archetypal forces relate to one another? with others?  
    • How do the different archetypes of your being Love? 
    • What boundaries do the different archetypes of your being enforce? not enforce? 
    • What archetypal forces would you like to cultivate in your life? Why? How? 
Here are some of my SoulCollage creations exploring archetypal forces prominent in my life. 

Bringer of Light

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