Monday, April 2, 2018

Snow White Adventures

It’s been super fun 
to start my Second Adulthood 
exploring archetypal motifs 
of my life journey 
through the lens of Fairy Tales. 

A perfect MiddleWorld activity to engage in 
as I step into a new phase of my life.
Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs
This Fairy Tale has many layers to explore
as a mirror for ones life journey. 
This blog shares some of the layers I explored, 
along with SoulCollage cards
that emerged along the way. 
It's fascinating how the theme of 7 
is present throughout this story.

Seven is a powerful number for me. 
Mainly because it ties into 
the Chakra model I've been 
apprenticing to for decades. 

7 (Seven) is a common number 
found in mystery school teachings
and various religions of spiritual theology. 
Snow White was 7 years old 
when she was exiled to the woods 
by her Evil Queen Mother...To Die. 

In the original Grimm Brothers tale, 
the Evil Queen ordered a hunter 
to kill Snow White & bring back her organs 
to prove her death. 

The hunter, 
taken by Snow White's beauty,
let her go & killed an animal instead. 
He brought the organs to the Evil Queen
who cooked & ate them 
thinking they were her daughter.'s that for Motherly Love?

The Evil Queen is said to portray 
characteristics of the 7 Deadly Sins
Pride. Greed. Envy. Lust. Gluttony. Wrath. Sloth. 
After the Hunter released Snow White, 
she traversed up & down 7 mountains 
to reach the Dwarfs cottage in the woods. 

There she found shelter, safety & companionship 
by offering home tending services to the Dwarfs. 
Together they took care of one another. 
As I equate my personal life story 
to Snow White's adventure through the woods,  
I see the experience of my First Adulthood 
as climbing the 7 Mountains of the Chakras

Snow White must have had deep traumas 
from being so hated by her mother. 
I know this energy frequency well.  

Chakra Psychology was a helpful tool 
on my journey of healing & wholeing
from the Mother Wound. 
Each of the 7 dwarfs had a unique essence, 
a quality identified through name.  
Snow White lived in relationship 
with these 7 characters, and together 
they found a way to co-habitat. 

Using this metaphor as a portal into 
my own being, I contemplate... 
What are my 7 core character traits?
One of them must be Joyful. 
Another way I explored the theme of Seven 
was naming the 7 core relationships 
of my First Adulthood. 

This was a powerful process
and wonderful contemplation. 

I enjoyed creating this SoulCollage card
honoring the amazing Cast of Characters
that was instrumental 
to the development of my First Adulthood. 
There's more to the Snow White story... 
The Evil Queen continued her obsession 
with Snow White's death.

She sent 3 evil packages to Snow White 
while she lived in the Dwarfs cottage. 
The first 2 times, the Dwarfs were able 
to save Snow White from peril. 
The third time was to speak.
The poison apple did the trick. 
Snow White took a bite 
and fell into a deep sleep.

I equate this part of the story to my own 
7 year Death Lodge in the UnderWorld. 
A journey I'll share more about 
in future blogs. 

Until's a 5 min video 
sharing more about Snow White 
and the SoulCollage cards
that came alive for me. 
Snow White Contemplations
- How are the "7 Deadly Sins" present in your life? 
- How has beauty saved your life? 
- Who are the 7 core relationships in your life? 
- What are your 7 main character qualities? 
- What sleep are you waking up from? 

Fairy Tale Archives 
Read about my journey through 
Little Red Riding hood

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Little Red Riding Hood

The fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood"
is one that deeply resonates with me. 

It's a tale of a young girl,
sent out into the woods by her mother. 
On the way to her grandmothers house, 
the little girl meets a wolf with devious intentions.
I recently immersed myself in the tale 
of Little Red Riding Hood
as part of my preparation process 
for my recent trip to San Diego
to visit the neighborhood I grew up in.

This blog highlights my interpretation
of Little Red Riding Hood
as it relates to my own epic adventure 
through the Wild Woods of Life. 

Featured here are my photos & SoulCollage cards. 
For the sake of this blog, 
I covered nudity with the @ symbol. 

...into the woods we go... 

During my early childhood,
my Gram was a bright light in my world. 
I loved going to her home & spending time with her. 
We laughed, played, ate & loved one another. 
She made the darkness in other parts of my life 
dim for a period of time. She was an angel to me. 

Below is one of the first SoulCollage cards
I made about my Gram. 
That's her in the lower right hand corner.

When I was about 14, my parents moved me 
from San Diego to Oklahoma. 
I lived with them there for a few years 
before finally leaving them 
and setting out into the woods of life on my own. 

It took about 5 years for me to get on my feet 
after leaving my parents. 
Being homeless & alone in the wild woods of life
introduced me to many dark wolves to which
I paid steep prices for survival & passage. 

There were several traumas I experienced
during this phase of my life
that took some years to heal from. 
Creating the below SoulCollage card
to honor & integrate them into my larger story
was deeply healing & wholeing. 

I eventually made it to my grandmothers house. 
She was sick when I found her. 
I ended up being her caregiver for many years. 
It was my turn to be an angel for her.
I was there with her until she died. 

The part left out of the tale 
about Little Red Riding Hood
is the defense mechanisms she had 
as a result of her traumas in the woods!! 

The pain from all the thorns of traveling 
through the dark woods of living 
drew me into a protective container 
to keep wolves (and men) away. 
I built armor around myself 
and guarded the door to my life quite aggressively
During this process, 
I found a wolf inside me as well. 

After years of therapy and healing, 
 my inner wolf
became a trusted ally & sacred protector.
Less afraid and defensive, 
I was able to appreciate 
that there is a wolf inside all of us; 
the wolf that preys 
and the wolf that guides & protects.
Knowing this supported me in opening up 
and being in more trusting relationships, 
especially with men. 

I have come out of the darkness
and am now on the other side. 
I have shed blood that has nurtured 
the bloom of light in me. 
I now have a wisdom, power & grace 
that I would not have had
had I not experienced what I did
in my earlier life.
It was part of my Sacred Wound. 

I am now the one
that can enter the Wild Woods of Life,  
knowing and trusting the extensive set of tools 
I have in my basket of goodies.  

I am no longer afraid of the bad wolf, 
or of devious men. 
I have learned from past experiences 
and am now a wise & available woman
in and on the adventure of life.

Thank you for journeying with me
through this fairy tale
of Little Red Riding Hood
and its exploration in my own life journey.

Since initially writing this blog, 
several new cards in this series emerged. 

How does the journey of Little Red Riding Hood 
mirror & inspire your life? 

- When did you set out into the Wild Woods of Life? 
- What wolves did you meet along the way? 
- What is your relationship like with your grandmother? 
- How have you evolved from past experiences with devious creatures? 
- How does your inner wolf protect & guide you now? 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Passage Through A Year

This is a good time of year 
to reflect on your rotation through the cycles 
of life on the Medicine Wheel 
and your journey through the seasons of 2017. 

This blog highlights questions 

that are wonderful to journey with
through Meditation, Journaling, SoulCollage,
Movement & Wild Ponderings.

Featured here are SoulCollage creations
and photography I took this year, in each season.  
Father Time SoulCollage 

Beginning your reflection of the year
with last Winter Solstice & the start of this year;
What birthings were activated in you?
What visions did you have for the journey ahead? 

My friend HugHealer took this picture of me;
peering through my emergence 

from the UnderWorld. Winter 2017

Moving awareness into seeing
your emergence throughout Spring
What came alive for you?  
What parts of your garden flourished? 
What started to bloom in your life? 

I got my RV !!!
Wild Soul Wanderings came to life.
Spring 2017

Reflecting on your Summer escapades
of Body, Mind & Spirit.
What powers did you cultivate? 
What choices did you make? 
What relationships did you nurture? 

I had a fun summer romance,
and tapped into the magic of the Lighthouse
as a beacon for my journey in the MiddleWorld.
Summer 2017

 Taking a moment to reflect 
on your journey through Autumn;
...the season now coming to an end. 
What did you release as compost? 
What wisdom's were harvested this year? 

Image taken on East Coast adventure
for my Initiation into the MiddleWorld.
Click Here to Read That Blog  

Now we prepare to step into Winter again. 
The cycle spins, bringing us back to an ending 
and a beginning. 
In the growing darkness, we find a light. 
What wants to rest?
What new dreams want to come through?

SoulCollage...honoring the spin of the journey 
 What resources do you have access to
that support the endurance & emergence of Soul? 
These resources may be external, 
many of them are internal. 
How can you engage these resources 
and cultivate them throughout Winter
as part of your New Year Activation? 

SoulCollage honoring Buffalo, a totem for Winter;
cultivates endurance through the dark
and bare season of deep rooting. 

Blessing to all of us
as we integrate the year 
release attachment,
surrender into flow & grace,  
and find our way 
into this new beginning of Now. 

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Colorful Chakra System

One of the core maps I use to navigate 
the various terrains of life 
is the Chakra System

The structure of Chakra philosophy
 has provided & aided me into & through 
many deep healings in my life. 

The map of the Chakras 
has helped me love & honor my body, 
heal addiction & heart aches, 
and connect more fully with God Divine.

The "system" of this model 
appeals to my imagination & encourages 
expansive creativity in how I live my life. 

The integrative nature of the Chakras 
supports me with being Divine & Human 
both at the same time.

This blog (and more coming in the future)
highlights some of the ways Chakras inform my life. 
I share this with you as Inspiration & Collaboration. 
also featured is my Photography & SoulCollage. 
Bringing Form to Essence.  

The Genius & Genesis of the Chakra System 
originated through yogic traditions
and ancient Sanskrit teachings.

Over the centuries, Chakra teachings have evolved.  
As Yoga came to the West, 
and merged with other life philosophies,
this system of medicine found new language 
deeply viable in our current times. 

Chakras have become common reference points 
for many people on their spiritual paths today.
Myself Included. 

All Things Are Energy 
A fundamental concept of the Chakra System 
is that all things are made of energy. 
A key aspect of energy is that it moves 
in different waves & patterns. 
This expression can be seen in the colors of a Rainbow.

Each color in a rainbow 
vibrates at a different frequency. 
Red is the slowest vibrating color (and heaviest) 
whereas, Blue & Violet vibrate at higher, lighter frequencies. 

Each color frequency has its own resonance.
These varying vibrations correspond to Chakra portals 
that influence your Central Nervous System, 
the main energy system in your body.
(more on this in future blogs)

There are many ways to work with Chakras...
to start out, lets play with Color Therapy.
It's an easy way to appreciate light 
and the way it expresses itself through color. 

Wild Soul Wanderings: Color Adventure
What a gift we have with sight. 
And what a blessing color offers us as we journey 
through this beautiful world. 
Take some time to see, name and appreciate 
this magical element of your daily life.

 - Notice color in your life.
- What feelings do colors evoke in you? 
- How do these evolve through the seasons? 

- Pick a color a day to explore. Wear that color. 
- Notice that color in your surroundings
as you move through your day.
- Notice what colors are in abundance
and what colors are lacking in your life.   

- Get a box of crayons, pens or pencil. Draw
- Have fun with color.
- Use "odd" colors in your drawings.
Draw purple trees, or green flowers,
or rainbow people.
- Have fun. Let Creativity Flow.
- Let your Inner Child Play. 

Explore the Colors of your World 

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Stop by and share some of your color experiences 
with me and other Wild Soul Wanderers.