Sunday, December 17, 2017

Passage Through A Year

This is a good time of year 
to reflect on your rotation through the cycles 
of life on the Medicine Wheel 
and your journey through the seasons of 2017. 

This blog highlights questions 

that are wonderful to journey with
through Meditation, Journaling, SoulCollage,
Movement & Wild Ponderings.

Featured here are SoulCollage creations
and photography I took this year, in each season.  
Father Time SoulCollage 

Beginning your reflection of the year
with last Winter Solstice & the start of this year;
What birthings were activated in you?
What visions did you have for the journey ahead? 

My friend HugHealer took this picture of me;
peering through my emergence 

from the UnderWorld. Winter 2017

Moving awareness into seeing
your emergence throughout Spring
What came alive for you?  
What parts of your garden flourished? 
What started to bloom in your life? 

I got my RV !!!
Wild Soul Wanderings came to life.
Spring 2017

Reflecting on your Summer escapades
of Body, Mind & Spirit.
What powers did you cultivate? 
What choices did you make? 
What relationships did you nurture? 

I had a fun summer romance,
and tapped into the magic of the Lighthouse
as a beacon for my journey in the MiddleWorld.
Summer 2017

 Taking a moment to reflect 
on your journey through Autumn;
...the season now coming to an end. 
What did you release as compost? 
What wisdom's were harvested this year? 

Image taken on East Coast adventure
for my Initiation into the MiddleWorld.
Click Here to Read That Blog  

Now we prepare to step into Winter again. 
The cycle spins, bringing us back to an ending 
and a beginning. 
In the growing darkness, we find a light. 
What wants to rest?
What new dreams want to come through?

SoulCollage...honoring the spin of the journey 
 What resources do you have access to
that support the endurance & emergence of Soul? 
These resources may be external, 
many of them are internal. 
How can you engage these resources 
and cultivate them throughout Winter
as part of your New Year Activation? 

SoulCollage honoring Buffalo, a totem for Winter;
cultivates endurance through the dark
and bare season of deep rooting. 

Blessing to all of us
as we integrate the year 
release attachment,
surrender into flow & grace,  
and find our way 
into this new beginning of Now. 

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Colorful Chakra System

One of the core maps I use to navigate 
the various terrains of life 
is the Chakra System

The structure of Chakra philosophy
 has provided & aided me into & through 
many deep healings in my life. 

The map of the Chakras 
has helped me love & honor my body, 
heal addiction & heart aches, 
and connect more fully with God Divine.

The "system" of this model 
appeals to my imagination & encourages 
expansive creativity in how I live my life. 

The integrative nature of the Chakras 
supports me with being Divine & Human 
both at the same time.

This blog (and more coming in the future)
highlights some of the ways Chakras inform my life. 
I share this with you as Inspiration & Collaboration. 
also featured is my Photography & SoulCollage. 
Bringing Form to Essence.  

The Genius & Genesis of the Chakra System 
originated through yogic traditions
and ancient Sanskrit teachings.

Over the centuries, Chakra teachings have evolved.  
As Yoga came to the West, 
and merged with other life philosophies,
this system of medicine found new language 
deeply viable in our current times. 

Chakras have become common reference points 
for many people on their spiritual paths today.
Myself Included. 

All Things Are Energy 
A fundamental concept of the Chakra System 
is that all things are made of energy. 
A key aspect of energy is that it moves 
in different waves & patterns. 
This expression can be seen in the colors of a Rainbow.

Each color in a rainbow 
vibrates at a different frequency. 
Red is the slowest vibrating color (and heaviest) 
whereas, Blue & Violet vibrate at higher, lighter frequencies. 

Each color frequency has its own resonance.
These varying vibrations correspond to Chakra portals 
that influence your Central Nervous System, 
the main energy system in your body.
(more on this in future blogs)

There are many ways to work with Chakras...
to start out, lets play with Color Therapy.
It's an easy way to appreciate light 
and the way it expresses itself through color. 

Wild Soul Wanderings: Color Adventure
What a gift we have with sight. 
And what a blessing color offers us as we journey 
through this beautiful world. 
Take some time to see, name and appreciate 
this magical element of your daily life.

 - Notice color in your life.
- What feelings do colors evoke in you? 
- How do these evolve through the seasons? 

- Pick a color a day to explore. Wear that color. 
- Notice that color in your surroundings
as you move through your day.
- Notice what colors are in abundance
and what colors are lacking in your life.   

- Get a box of crayons, pens or pencil. Draw
- Have fun with color.
- Use "odd" colors in your drawings.
Draw purple trees, or green flowers,
or rainbow people.
- Have fun. Let Creativity Flow.
- Let your Inner Child Play. 

Explore the Colors of your World 

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Stop by and share some of your color experiences 
with me and other Wild Soul Wanderers. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Receiving My Raven Name

In Winter 2008, I engaged in a 
10 day Death Lodge process
 in Death Valley, CA. 

Little did I know this ceremony 
was initiating my decent 
into the Underworld of Soul, 
an 8 year journey that would take me 
deep into my Sacred Wound, 
through many dark nights of soul
Renaming Me In The Process.

This blog highlights some of the journey 
of receiving my Raven name. 
Featured here as well is my photography 
and SoulCollage creations. 

May this personal share spin inspiration 
into your own evolution, 
supporting you in some alive way
on your glorious journey of Becoming. 

Where it all began.....Death Valley, CA 

During my 2008 Vision Quest in Death Valley, 
I was visited by Raven Man, 
a shamanic guide that entered my consciousness
cawing circles above me: 

“That which you want, you are not ready for. 
You are not vibrating at the frequency 
that will attract what you want. 
You are not ready.” 

“What do you mean I’m not ready? 
I’m spiritual. I teach workshops. 
Of course I’m ready.” 
But I knew Raven Man was right. 

I knew what my inner landscape was like. 
I knew the words I called myself. 
I knew I limited possibilities in my life.
I was guarded by thick defense mechanisms, 
held captive by pain, shame & fear. 
I was not vibrating at the frequency 
of that which I wanted... 

...and so my relationship with Raven Man began.
I made a vow
to apprentice to Raven Man, 
to be a dedicated student to his magic
and work his medicine through my Chakras. 

 I spent 6 months at each tier of being
devoting myself to vibrating 
at a higher frequency 
at each psychospiritual center
of BodyMind Being. 
Whew! What a Commitment  

I started in the Crown Chakra
Witnessing my beliefs systems, 
and thought patterns, 
and expanding my connection 
to Consciousness & Divine God Presence. 

I worked Raven Man Awareness 
into my Brow Chakraexpanding my ability 
to see beauty & imagine wider possibilities, 
in myself, and the world at large. 

Then I moved into my Throat Chakra
listening to & healing my inner dialogue,
cultivating more effective conversations 
with myself & others. 

When the medicine entered my Heart Chakra
I was visited by Raven Man in a dream. 
This time he was not a bird, but a Man. 
Our eyes locked...the power of the moment  
and the gravity of our connection 
spooked me so much, 
I jumped into a frozen lake to numb myself. 

Raven Man pulled me from the frozen lake, 
cradled me in his arms,
and tended me back to life. 
I opened my eyes. He walked away. 
I was still not ready. 

Oh my goodness! I’m still not ready! 
I've been working this medicine for 2 years! 
It was time to deepen my commitment. 

I worked the energy into my Solar Chakra
aligning my actions & intentions, 
holding myself more accountable 
for who I was in the present moment. 

In this process Raven Man delivered a message: 
You must move to the ecology of my species.” 
This message, along with other serendipities, 
inspired my move from San Diego to Colorado. 

I moved to Denver and immediately 
found myself immersed 
in Rhythm Sanctuary community. 
Engaging in weekly dance ceremony 
put me into intimate connection with other, 
moving Raven Medicine 
deep into my Sacral Chakra

I found myself in a community of  
yummy, juicy men, 
that were loving fathers, 
attentive lovers & joyful friends. 

These men embodied masculine energy 
and honored the feminine in sacred ways. 
This was a huge paradigm shift for me! 
This was not the model of Masculine 
I grew up with. 

 A more intimate relationship formed 
with Raven Man. I came to understand him   
as a powerful Masculine Guide 
modeling new archetypal energies 
of Father to support me   
in naming & healing my Sacred Wound. 

SoulCollage I created to capture the medicine portal
of Ecstatic Dance 
met a man fresh out of prison, 
working on themes similar to me. 
The demons he was facing 
were similar to mine, 
and in that mirror reflection 
I was provided something solid to push against.

Rather then run from the intensity 
of this experience 
or numb myself (in freezing water) 
I stood solid ground and found footing
bringing Raven Man energy 
down into Root Chakra manifest form.   

This 3 year adventure of bringing 
the Divine Masculine down my Chakras 
through the form of Raven Man 
transformed me deeply. 

I came to see I had been Raven all along. 
Raven was not separate from me. 
It had been me, fathering myself, 
mentoring my own evolution. 
Holding myself accountable 
for increasing my vibrational frequency. 

In this revelation, I merged with Raven 
and legally changed my name
  October 5, 2012 

It was a powerful process 
releasing my full birth name 
and claiming a new name 
inspired through soulful living... 
I will save that share for a future blog. 

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Friday, September 8, 2017

My Summer in Narnia

Contemplation of the Season 
My summer in Narnia 
the World Between Worlds 
Passageway between 
my emergence from the UnderWorld 
and entry into the MiddleWorld;
The Land of my Second Adulthood.
To prepare for MiddleWorld living
I needed a Chariot. 

It was my first summer with my RV.
So Much FUN!!!
I went camping & hiking a lot.
One of my favorite places
Glendo Lake, WY
and I bought a blowup kayak
which I love! 

I created videos, photos & blogs 
for Wild Soul Wanderings
even started a YouTube Channel
"High Pressure Cooking for RV Living" 
I have fun with my InstantPot. 

I started my Ascension Journey 
through the Chakras
 beginning in the Root Chakra
where I claimed my name sake, 
The Moniker of my Maturation.

I became my Fairy Godmother; 
that which I used to go to for council
I have become.
A Responsibility & An Honor.

 SoulCollage Creation 
During my time in the Sacral Chakra
I called in my desire for a Lover.
He showed up 2 weeks later 
in my Solar Chakra Ceremony.
That Ceremony Worked!

Click here to read about this SoulCollage card
I spent my birthday month of August 
in the realm of the Heart Chakra
burying headstone rocks from my Death Lodge 
and cultivating the Good Guy brew; 
Past, Present & Future. 

I returned to Man Cove at Pueblo Lake 
to honor the land that inspired me
into wider essence of Living Light;
This cove is special to me;
it supports me so deeply with calling in
that which my heart truly desires. 

"Man Cove"

I engaged in relationship 
with an Amazing Lover
and was able to see how far I've come
healing my relationship 
with the Divine Masculine. 

What a joy to to be of service
to a wonderful man
growing into his King Being.
A new form of Magic is awakening in me.  

Zen, my dear friend & Guardian Angel 
left town on her adventure 
of full time RV living.  
She now steps wider into her life 
offering her unique delivery system of soul 
to the world; 
Apprenticing to her Elderhood. 

The Love, Respect & Joy 
I feel for this woman 
is magic in high dosage form.

Tarot, SoulCollage, 
Shamanic Journey, Nature, 
Sex, Love, Friendship, 
Laughter, Tears; 
mixing all these parts 
of my summer together 
in this brew I have here; 
in this cauldron of living
I am participating with. 

...and now we move 
through this last waning moon
of Summer, which takes us into Autumn 
the time of Shapeshifting Twilight

My Lover & Best Friend have left town. 
 Spirit is moving distractions 
from my daily life 
so I can sit down and start 
Writing my Book. 
It is Time. 
One of my SoulCollage cards inspiring me to WRITE 
I will soon be leaving Narnia
and engaging my Rites of Passage 
into the Middle World 
and taking my vows 
for my Second Adulthood. 

Feeling some jitters around the bigness
 of the future calling me forward. 
The grandness of my service 
to the world 
trembles inside of me. 

I am almost ready...

Medicine Wheel Invocation 
to support the integration of Summer 
and preparations for Autumn