Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Colors of Consciousness

After spending 2 weeks activating my Crown Chakra, I am now fully in my Brow ChakraThis week I was able to see, feel, and embody the white light of Divine streaming into my Crown Chakra and hitting my 3rd eye. My 3rd eye then acted as a prism, breaking the white light up into all the colors of the rainbow. These colors of consciousness filled my head and infused my dance with luminescence. 
I danced in this consciousness for a while, then opened my throat and let the colors of the rainbow infuse my Throat Chakra. I had to open my tissue and energy body up quite a bit for all the colors of the rainbow to fit in my throat, but I did it and it felt amazing (insert joke here about deep throating God). 
Then, I opened my heart space and all the colors of the rainbow infused my Heart Chakra. In this embodied experience I claimed the truth that there's space in my heart to hold the wisdom of all the chakras; the clarity of communication, the expansiveness of love, the power of intention, the sensuality of movement, the embodied presence of flesh. Breathing this wisdom in my heart space moved me into so many beautiful ecstatic dance experiences with others. I made love with so many wonderful souls in this space of consciousness. 
There were times when this experience become more of a mental process for me. When I became aware of this, I would start back at my crown, open to divine light, let it hit the prism of my third eye, and shine the rainbow down my chakras. Each time I re-cycled through this process, the colors of the rainbow extended deeper into my chakras, eventually finding its rainbow way into my pelvis and bone marrow in my legs. 
This embodied experience helped me better understand one of the core archetypal forces in my life, that of the Light Bearer. I am a prism for divine light to shine through. I engage and express all the colors of the rainbow in beautiful and brilliant ways through my living. This is one of my gifts, and is one of the ways I am called to be of service. 
To see more SoulCollage images I have created for the 3rd eye Chakra, check out my web page. 

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