Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Living Symbolism

The other night at Rhythm Sanctuary, I pulled a card from one of the altars to serve as guidance for my dance. The card I pulled had two symbols on it; on the left was a drop falling in the shape of a question mark (?) Next to it were a lot of drops falling in what looked like an exclamation point (!)

I meditated on this symbolism and was deeply moved by it. I recently created a Source Card for my SoulCollage deck which has a drop of divinity falling into the ocean of being. (see image to right) Seeing the drop appear in another reading was potent for me and I knew I needed to listen. 

I contemplated the ? and ! in my dance, and through my ecstatic movements, explored the following questions:  
How can I open up to the question mark, surrendering to the Divine as it move me along the mystery, into unknowing? 
How can I live and embody the exclamation point at the same time, living in the light of enthusiasm and joy, even in the unknowing? 

Living the question mark and the exclamation point at the same time, what a beautiful practice.

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